June 27th, 2011

Meeting at French Embassy, Abuja

Posted by Joan Mower:

Meeting at the French Ambassador’s residence.

L to R: French Ambassador Jean Michel Dumond, Susan McCue, U.S. Ambassador Terence P. McCulley

June 27th, 2011

Abuja Town Hall/Announcement on VOA Africa Health Network

Posted by Joan Mower:

Dana Perino gave the keynote speech at a Town Hall meeting on “The Role of International Broadcasters in Supporting Health Development in Nigeria” in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton. The Town Hall was a joint project between VOA and Radio France Internationale (RFI), and the two organizations pledged to work together on training and improving access to health care across the country. Perino announced that VOA is in the process of creating an Africa Health Network, which will leverage all the health information from VOA Africa Services and ensure that health coverage is deeper across the continent. Maternal health is a key issue, she said.

The group then went to the French Ambassador’s residence where they discussed cooperation between the entities.

Later, the group met with Nigeria’s Vice President Namadi Sambo, who said he was a big fan of VOA’s and listened every day to the Hausa Service. He also said that his wife and he were very interested in seeing education improved in Nigeria. Sambo said he took many of his first lessons from a Peace Corps volunteer and has had a fondness for the United States ever since. He also pledged to look into ways of getting more broadcasting for the VOA on FM.

U.S. Ambassador Terence McCulley hosted a reception for the governors. He gave his strong support to VOA – and particularly to health reporting.

VOA and RFI also hosted a workshop for reporters on how to use social media to cover health subjects more comprehensively.

June 27th, 2011
"If the Nigerian population is weakened by health and disease, development can’t be achieved."
- Terence P. McCulley, U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria
June 27th, 2011

"If you have a healthy Mom, the chances are you are going to have healthier children and and more development."

- Dana Perino, in Abuja, Nigeria, announcing VOA’s new Africa Health Broadcasting Network

June 27th, 2011


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June 27th, 2011

Abuja Children’s Home

Posted by Joan Mower

On Sunday, the governors flew to the capital of Nigera, Abuja. The city has broad streets and there is a lot of construction underway. It is a planned city and became the capital about 20 years ago, in December 1991. First thing, Governors Perino and McCue visited an orphanage — the Abuja Children’s Home.

Their visit is in keeping with the theme of today’s Town Hall on how the media can help health and development in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. The orphanage, which is supported by NGOs and Churches, has 40 children between the ages of 2 month and 20 years. The U.S. Embassy gave the playground equipment to the orphanage and the Rotary Club dedicated one of the hostel.

BBG Governor Dana Perino at the Abuja Children’s Home.

BBG Governor Susan McCue with residents of the Abuja Children’s Home.

Sunday night, the BBG met with VOA affiliates and others who came to Abuja to discuss ways to provide more news, information, features to the Nigeria people.

June 21st, 2011

This is an important opportunity for us to meet with these courageous and innovative journalists where they work, and to reinforce the vital role of a free and unfettered press in each of these countries.
          — Dana Perino

Broadcasting Board Travels to Ethiopia, South Sudan and Nigeria to Broaden VOA’s Reach

Reporters at a March 2011 journalism training in Tanzania co-sponsored by VOA and PEPFAR. For more on VOA’s development work, click here.


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